Criminal Defense Attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK

The Law Offices of Adam R. Banner is a full service criminal defense law firm serving the entire state of Oklahoma.  We are based in Oklahoma City and work in state, Federal, and county courts.

Our areas of expertise include all of the following types of criminal charges:

White Collar Crimes

One of the most common types of crime perpetrated in the United States is what many call “white collar” crimes.  The reason for the name is that the crimes are typically committed by those who are deemed to by white collar or professional workers.

Fraud Charges

One of the most common types of white collar crime is fraud.  Fraud is any intentional deception by a person against another person or entity.  While it is not a violent crime fraud charges still carry stiff penalties.  These can range from fines, extended jail sentences, or both.

There are dozens of types of fraud:

  • Mail fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Healthcare Fraud – Medicare or Medicaid
  • Investment Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • and many, many more

Our defense strategies are highly dependent upon the type of crime that has been committed. We have successfully defended clients against all manner of fraud charges.

Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

One of the most common types of fraud in the U.S. is health care fraud.  This particular crime is usually committed by healthcare providers.  It involves a wide number of different types of deception.  One of the most prevalent is billing for services that were never performed.

As an example, say someone comes into and office and has a number of tests run to determine the cause of an illness.  Rather than reporting and billing for only the tests that were run, the provider might bill for more tests, or more expensive options, thus billing for work that was never performed.

Another common crime is to change the billing codes associated with certain services.  This is difficult to prove as a billing code can be mistyped.  But it is fairly common.  Rather than billing for an inexpensive service, the provider will choose a more expensive billing option.

Another is selling unnecessary tests or equipment.  Medical equipment is often provided to Medicare recipients, but sometimes the care provider will bill for equipment that is much more expensive, or equipment that was never actually provided to the individual.

Healthcare providers know first-hand how big the system is and so it can be very compelling to try to cheat to make more money.  It’s estimated that healthcare fraud in the U.S. is in the billions of dollars each year.  And that’s just talking about Federal programs.  State programs cause the number to jump significantly.


Another common type of white collar crime is embezzlement.  An embezzler steals money from a company or organization.  Many times these crimes are committed by people inside the company.

Just as with fraud, embezzlement punishments vary from heavy fines to prison time.  The severity of the punishment is directly related to the amount of money embezzled.

Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme

bernie madoff embezzled millions of dollars from clients

One of the most famous embezzlement cases in recent memory is that committed by Bernie Madoff.

Unfortunately for him, got his notoriety for all the wrong reasons.  Madoff ran the largest Ponzi schemes in history.  The total of Madoff’s scam?  $50 Billon  . You didn’t misread that.  Billions with a “b”.

Bernie Madoff was incredibly intelligent and was quite talented at what he did. However, at the end of the day, it was a crime.  Bernie Madoff would take incoming funds from new investors to pay dividends or “returns” to his old investors.

His punishment?  In 2009 Madoff received a 150-year prison sentence, ensuring that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Money Laundering

In our home state of Oklahoma drugs are a major problem.  And while we have a great deal of experience defending drug charges, an offshoot of all the drugs is money laundering.

Money laundering is the process of taking dirty money (made from illegal activity such as drug sales) and making it clean.  This usually involves investing it into some sort of legitimate business, the profits of which are considered clean.

Money laundering is big business.  And the charges and punishments for convictions are big as well.

Money Laundering Defense Strategies

Just as money laundering itself is complicated, so are the strategies used in defending those charged with this crime.  The attorneys of The Law Offices of Adam R. Banner, P.C. dig into all possible avenues of defense.  This includes looking at all evidence, how it was collected and whether or not any constitutional laws were broken.

Many times law enforcement will confiscate evidence or search someones home or vehicle without proper authorization.  Actions such as these can have a case thrown out of court entirely.

Identity Theft

In the last 20 years identity theft has become a massive problem.  By stealing personal information thieves are able to open credit card accounts, bank accounts, even apply for social security, stealing from an innocent victim.

There are cases where people are charged with identity theft under unusual circumstances in which they are not actually at fault.  Many times this happens when attempting to help someone.

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Adam R. Banner, P.C. are experienced in handing these types of charges.  We can ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair hearing.

If you’re interested in learning more about white collar crimes defense and other cases we handle feel free to contact us.

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